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Figure 1. Your current sleep score. You get one point for each dimension that is in healthy range.

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What about sleep deficit? I tend to run up a lot of sleep debt the past several years, and now that I got the app it cautioned me about that. I clicked “Read More” next to it, but there was no mention of sleep debt/deficit and what it can do to people. While I know from googling it, it would still be useful for the app/explanations to factor that into our sleep health gauges, as well as actually teaching users about it when they click to Read More. :wink:


Hi just wondering if there was ever a response to the post above. I’m in the same boat. The app says I have a sleep deficit but doesn’t explain the deficit it just takes me to the help page where it explains the stats and how they are produced. I would really like to understand the deficit better before I try and set a goal. Thank you.

Came for the sleep deficit help also… Still no response?

Hello @Dude_Guy and @Mineeta_Patel and @ZaCloud … sorry for a late response, if you see something not answered for a longer time we probably missed it, so pelase just bump us :)…

Sleep deficit is basically your SLEEP_TARGET (by default 7:30) - YOUR_ACTUAL_SLEEP_DURATION… then it can be aggregated over a period or calculated for a particular night…

In general Advice uses a long period of 2 months and compares it with fast recent developments in the last week and this particular warning is shown when deficit in the last week is over 60 minutes…

Why does it say “average”…duration. Isn’t it better to inform the user of the actual duration last night vs target duration?

@hutchman Advice works with short term treds vs. long term trends to notify you about some potentially unfavorable development. If you once happen to sleep badly this happens all the time adn does not mean much, but if you last week is significanly worse in some measure this can already influence your health. But if you are interested in actual deficit for a particular day, this is what you will find in the stats screen for that day…

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Oh thanks. I got the “sleep score” mixed up with the daily dashboard. This makes sense. Thanks.