Sleep Score Rating Stars

I have a lot of trouble rating my sleep. I have ADHD; self evaluation is very difficult for us and we aren’t good at it. I always thought I slept as well as anyone, but I’ve never felt rested and have never been able to get up without a huge struggle that I often lost.Now that I’ve been using this app, I can tell that there’s good, bad, and so-so sleep, but I still can’t tell how to rate it, unless it’s obvious like > getting only 2 hours or waking up all night. Can anyone offer ideas on what to look for when waking up, like how a good night’s sleep feels versus a bad one? Should I feel groggy at first (I always do, & hate getting up) but feel better later? Is energy a good measure? I’d really appreciate any ideas & suggestions! Thanks!

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Hello Nancy… just an idea I did not try this… but to simplify the rating decisions… what about rating only if you are sure the night was either exceptionally great or really bad… in former you give 5 stars and in the later 1 star. You would not rate any other nights… this way over time you can… use the Charts > Advice section and see if rating is higher for instance with some fall asleep hours or on some days etc…


Thank you, Petr! This is a great idea & I will try it out!! I appreciate your help!