Sleep 'pit stop': wake me up after x sleep cycles (to pee, drink, clean nose, or whatever)

I noticed my sleep get’s worse halfway and I sleep better when I get up after 4/5 hours and treat my nose again which is by then very clogged up due to, I don’t know, inflammation, blood pressure.

So I thought of a ‘sleep pitstop’, a feature to wake someone up right after x (settings) deep sleeps at the right time would be maybe interesting. Using a mi band so I would prefer a silent wakeup with the mi band vibration.

Not quite what you’re asking for, but on the other hand you also specify a time (‘4/5 hours’), so it is more or less what you’re asking for:

You can set up multiple smart-alarms. So you could set up an extra smart-alarm at 4/5 hours after your normal going to bed time.

Because you don’t want the sleep tracking to stop at this first alarm, you untick the ‘Terminate tracking’ setting in (the ‘Miscellaneous’ part of) this alarm.

I’ve using this method with multiple smart-alarms and it works fine.

Hope this helps.

Nice, so it will make one graph I guess and only one sleep period in the statistics?
And what do you wake up for?

Yes, there will be one graph and only one sleep period, i.e. from bed time till your real wakeup in the morning.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by ‘And what do you wake up for?’ Do you mean the kind of alarm? If so, I use vibration on my Mi Band 2.

No, I ment. What did you personally use 2 alarms for in one night. Any other use cases?
Me, I’m hoping to experiment to verify if I can get my nose a bit maintained and verify if I get better deep sleep the second half.

I suffer from very bad nightmares (hence my nym) and therefor try to wake up during the night, so I can recover a bit, have a pee, have a cup of tea, etc…

Ideally, I would want to wake up in some of the REM phases, but Sleep as Android can not detect one’s real REM phase, but only ‘guess’ it from other data, hence it reports it as ‘~REM’.

Currently, I’m (again) experimenting with Lucid dreaming cues which vibrate the Mi Band 2, but because SaA often ‘guesses’ wrong, the cue often comes at the wrong time.

As for your (clogged nose) problem, you might want to check if other (than time) parameters might give a clue as to when your sleep is affected. For example, I experimented with upper and lower heart rate alarms in the Mi Band Tools app and with Anti-snoring in the SaA app.