Sleep Phaser version 2

Urbandroid is proud to introduce the second generation of their sleep tracking bedside lamp Sleep Phaser! The new version is a big change in design and a step forward in usability.

I see V39 firmware is available now. Is there a changelog?

My Phaser 1 stopped working and I am now using Phaser 2. However, Phase 2 is continously detecting "awake incorrectly.

In Settings -> Sleep tracking -> Awake detection, I have gradually unchecked all the boxes and the only option enabled is “Awake when using phone”. Despite this, the tracker shows ~80% awake time and it also does not detect awake time when using the phone. Is there any other settings I could try?

For the time being, I “delete awake” which is handy but I’d rather not have that problem to deal with.

IIRC, in the past the Sleep Tracker would start a countdown clock when awake was detected but it no longer does that even when the phone is in use.

Thank you.