Sleep Phaser V3

I bought this device because it was a suggestion, better than Sonar. However, I don’t see anything how it tracks my sleep. Said infrared, no graphics and no Sonar to buy now. I can adjust colors from the app and that is all. Don’t you think you should remove the option to test Sonar (not available to buy) and add the Phaser instead?

As I already mentioned previously, Sensor testing doesn’t include Phaser testing. Only Sonar, which is not available for purchase. Well, the additional app can allow to change the color better than 3 taps on the switch at the top. And that’s it. The app sees the device, the icon is displayed with each sleep. But I would like to see what exactly it does. For those, who doesn’t know, Sonar uses ultrasound, while Phaser uses infrared. The app says the Phaser being the next generation sleep detector, but I actually cannot even compare because there is no option to check data from the app.

Hello @RolandasR, Sonar is not a device, sonar signal is produced by the phone mic. So it cannot be available for purchase.

The app tells you if the Phaser is connected properly in the setting right under the Phaser option:

Does it mean, that you do not get any graph, with the Phaser connected? Could you please share the resulting graph you got?

Sorry, I am new and stupid, lol. After you said that I did experimented with the Sonar on 2 watches. And it probably works. I achieved both of them working by selecting F18 frequency. Strange, that it didn’t work on the ranges which already included F18. Anyway. My TicWatch E3 with WearOS 3 doesn’t produce sound (it’s ultrasound!!!) and the strength was just a bit above 21. The Chinese watch which works only with auto detect and through Bluetooth had signal strength higher, it produced a sound, so I had to select lower sensitivity, although peaks go above the range in the graphics.
As for the graphics with the Phaser V3, I am not sure where should I look for them.

As you see, the Phaser is connected by the icon at the bottom
I don’t have this picture as you. I have just this app

Sonar cannot be produced by the mic of the wearable. It is produced by the mic of the phone.
Do you plan to use sonar or phaser as your movement sensor? Or the wearable?
You can combine more devices, but only one can be a source of the movement data.
You can have the smartlight features of the Phaser even if you track with a wearable, or the sonar.

Well, I bought Phaser because it’s better when you sleep with headphones and listening lullabies. I guess. But I cannot see the results which is better though. The lights in the Phaser is not needed for me, because when I wake up it’s quite bright sunlight :wink: