Sleep Phaser V3 not working as intended

I have a feeling my Sleep Phaser is not working as intended as it do not show my sleep phases properly, just a flat line

How to fix this? Please add a documentation for V3 as well or help me here how to setup this device properly

Hi @Zepuuu, could you please use the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug?
Just from the screenshot, the Phaser looks connected and sends data (the actigraphy is populated). The overview of the actigraphy data looks a bit wild, with no resting phase typical for deep sleep. I need to see the data, this graph preview does not provide enough details.

V2 a V3 are the same in terms of connecting to the app. They have a different design, and V3 has a more precise sensor. But the connection to Sleep is the same.

Tap the “Sleep phaser” tile in the Smart Light section, and wait for the connection. The Phaser should flash, and the address of the Phaser will be displayed on the tile as a confirmation the device is connected:

The device manual should be included in the packaging from Happy Electronics - was it not? I can ask their support to check on this.

This measurement appears to be affected by external interference. This could be caused by:

  • Using an inappropriate USB adapter for power supply (avoid using multi-port adapters)
  • Placing the mobile phone too close to the lamp
  • Pointing the sensor at a fan, air conditioner, etc., which can disrupt actigraphic measurement

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Happy Electronics

Usually I have my lamp on a chair about 1 arm length away from my bed. And my Phone in my bed
What is the perfect distance for my phaser and phone to get no interference?