Sleep Phaser light switched from red to blue

Hi, I have been loving my new smartlight but just today it stopped switching from white to orange and red. Now it only goes between white and blue. I’m wondering if my red LED lights are defective? Please let me know if it’s a possible firmware problem. Thank you!

Hello, did you ever find a solution for this? My phaser started showing the blue/white lights a few weeks ago. It doesn’t seem to connect to my phone anymore either.

Hi guys, sorry to miss this post. We have a fix for that.
We had it reported that sometimes during boot one of the service commands ends up inverted.
We have a special app to fix this - please install the app from this link. This is a service app that is able to invert the Phaser (try Invert + and if it doesn’t work, Invert -.).
The app will lead you through the process.
​The last output message should be “Everything looks fine, congrats. Firmware version: xx”

Let me know if you encounter any issues.