Sleep phaser light and sunrise


I really love your application.

I just contact you for giving you some ideas I think are Interesting.

1: Turn off sleep phaser or other light when sleep tracking is stopped or Bluetooth is disconnected. I always have my light on because I don’t tap on it when I leave.

2:Sunrise light - firstly is it possible to make it fade more smoothly ? Not step by step like now.

Secondly I it possible to adjust sunrise light time? Like it would be good if you can set that it starts slowly 10 minutes before wake up for example.

Thanks for what you are doing and maybe you’ll find my ideas interesting.


Hello @Henri big thanks for your feedback.

  1. We assume the light if off during sleep tracking and than when the alarms starts with sunrise you can configure it to turn off after dismiss… but default the light will go all the way up after dismiss to make sure to wake you us…

  2. We will look into this… in fact you can control the time from min to max sunrise… this is based on your gradual volume increase settings so if set to 12 minutes it will be super smooth and the duration of the sunrise will be 12 minutes…

  3. At the moment we do not have the feature to start the light before an alarm… the alarm process itself is controlling the light, but you can configure “delayed alarm sound start” e.g. if you set it to 9 minutes than all the sunrise from min to max will take place in the first 9 minutes of the alarm and the sound will start after the light is already at max sunrise…

Please check