Sleep Phaser Charger makes noise

The Charger of the Sleep Phaser is making a very faint but still noticeable high pitched sound. Is this known and are there any ways to stop this?

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Mine makes a high pitched hum noise coming from the phaser itself, but only when the bottom base light is turned on.

@Nutelaeis thanks for reporting this. Which charger do you have, i.e. in which country you are?

I am from Germany. So probably the EU Version.

same here. not only the charger makes that noise, when i turn on the light there is also a noticeable noise. it’s not that bad though.

Do you also have the EU charger? We’re currently shipping the last batch but we’ve also been sending out a few replacement chargers right now I’m trying to get Happy Electronics’s stance on this…

yes, i also have the eu charger from Samsung. it’s not really a problem for me, not that loud, just something i noticed.