Sleep Phaser - am I doing something wrong?

Hi folks,

I love sleep as Android so much that I bought a sleep phaser to go with it. I successfully connected the Sleep Phaser (the app says it’s connected and I can turn the light on and off from the app) and checked all the boxes below “Sleep Phaser connected”, including “sleep tracking”

But even though I have the Sleep Phaser connected and “sleep tracking” checked under it, the app continues to use the phone’s sonar sensor, not the Phaser’s. When I “test sensor,” the program is testing the phone’s sensor, not the Sleep Phaser’s sensor. If I wave my hand in front of the phone’s sensor after starting sleep tracking, the map changes. If I wave my hand in front of the Phaser’s, nothing happens. The Sleep Phaser sensor is doing nothing.

When I start sleep tracking at night, smart alarm does not work (it did when I used to just use the phone’s sonar) and the sleep chart shows a flat deep sleep all night (almost certainly because the phone is in a charging dock so its sonar is muffled and not pointing at me).

I can turn the Phaser’s light on and off from the phone so the connection works. But the program is not using the Phaser’s sensor. It should be using the Phaser’s sonar but is not.

Am I doing something wrong? Is the Sleep Phaser simply defective? Thank you for any and all help!

@jiri-urbandroid can you please assist? @lenka-urbandroid has stopped answering my tech support emails. I would really like to get this working rather than return it. Thank you.

Hey @Gary, it sounds like the phone is not able to connect to the Phaser at the time of tracking. I’ll take a look at the debug log.

Thank you.

Sorry, it wasn’t @lenka-urbandroid withholding the ticket, she actually assigned it to me and I did not get to it up till now…

I’ve sent you an email with resolution - it was a faulty Phaser after all.