Sleep phase v1 not detected by Sleep as Android

Detailed description of the problem:
Sleep as Android no longer connecting to Sleep Phaser v1 (angled light)

Steps to reproduce:
Powered off/on Phase v1 several times
Turned Bluetooth off/on Samsung Note8
Settings -> Smartlight -> Sleep Phaser -> Search unable to detect Phaser

Version of Sleep as Android:

Try installing Sleep Phaser Remote Control V2 app and see it that app can connect to the Sleep Phaser.

If it can’t, and other Bluetooth devices work with your phone, then I suspect the Sleep Phaser has failed.

I have both versions of Sleep Phaser and both are working with Sleep as Android.

(Note: When upgrading the Sleep Phaser’s firmware, do not let the phone go to sleep. I tap on the phone’s screen once a second until the firmware upgrade is complete.)

James, thanks for your reply.

I tried the Sleep Phaser Remote Control V2 App and it’s unable to detect the device. It looks like it has failed after just over a year’s use. The lights work except the base now only toggles on/blue.

I presume there is no repair option and the phaser now servers as a dumb light only?

Thanks again.

@Jay_Virdee, if the app is unable to detect the device, please contact Happy Electronics customer support for warranty repair options at

@Jay_Virdee I have the same issue. Was there a way to repair/fix?