Sleep O2 sensor integration please

Any chance to integrate with my Sleep O2 Pro?

It monitors O2 levels, heart rate and motion. Also has an adjustable alarm for low O2 levels, all live over bluetooth.

Do you have any link? I couldnā€™t find the device with a quick google.

To integrate any device with Sleep, there needs to be a public API for that device or at least a third party wrapper. Does this device have that? How exactly do you get the data?

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Hereā€™s a link to the device for sale on Amazon:

When I purchased it I bought directly from:

but it no longer shows as a product there? I contacted them directly, and they said they would look into sleep-as-android. They have a pretty good android application that I am using , but it would be neat if the results, O2, heart rate, motion, and alarm function integrated with your program. You can set an alarm for when the O2 drops below a set level and the device vibrates to wake you (to adjust and stop snoring)

Hiā€¦I currently have a Charge 2 but would happily move to the Ionic for that data. While I certainly use the fitness tracking, a major reason I have a device is to track my stats such as resting heart rate, fitness score (VO2Max approximation). A few years ago I had a pulmonary embolism so keeping track of these things are of high importance to me. I do understand this is not intended to replace dedicated medical devices and sensors, but the data is valuable to me.

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The Ionic/Versa does not yet have the SpO2 support in the API so we cannot yet use it, but we will add it as soon as it becomes available.