Sleep noise recording - Sleep as Android

Settings → Sleep noise recording

You can check whether the phone is recording on the sleep tracking screen - red light indicates that the phone is currently recording.

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It would be helpful if there was a toggle all/multiple option to delete and label many recordings at once.

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My fan is constantly being picked up as snoring. My phone is on the other side of me and my fan & it’s relatively quiet. I have tried to clean up the recordings daily but the app doesn’t ask what the noise is.

What if I sleep with a white noise machine playing? Will enabling noise recording be of any use?

Hello @Lori_S, we are constantly working on new more advanced versions of our neural network for sound classification. The main challenge is every device sound system is different and adds some post processing we try to enhance the networks with each generation to be able abstract from that…

We are just testing a new neural network version which in our tests seem again a lot better in generalizing from device specific issues…

Are you in the BETA channel? If you are not would you be willing to give it a try?

Hi, I have over 99+ recordings from my last sleep. The threshold is set at 30%. What can I do? I have a loud air conditioner that makes a constant sound