Sleep graphs, score and duration on the monitoring screen

Is there a way to display sleep score and a simple hypnogram on the monitoring screen while the app is running during the night?

Hi there. I’ve been using the app for 4 years, linked to my android watch and the data collected is fascinating. There are a couple of thing I find frustrating though…

a) I would like to see my actual sleep duration on the screen when the app is running. When I wake up, it would be nice to know if I’ve reached my goal BEFORE I turn the monitoring off. The app might have been running for 8 hrs, but if the hypnogram is bad and the duration is 5hrs, I’d like the option to roll over and continue sleeping and the app continue running

b) How do I set an alarm for 7hrs of good sleep with zero deficit? Using the sleep score and hypnogram, wake me up when the sleep value reaches 7hrs, not app running time. After a few beers and a restless night it might take 10hrs to reach my 7hr goal. An alarm to wake me up when the goal is reached would be great.

Hope that all makes sense.



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