Sleep graph zoom - show min/max heart rate/spo2 values

If you look at a nights sleep graph and you have a heartrate sensor or spo2 graphed on there, all you see is the min/max for the entire night. There could be a single erroneous spike/drop that makes it really difficult to extrapolate where your heart/spo2 rate was during the rest of the night or just a specific time that you were curious about. One way to help show other numbers and not clutter up the main graph screen is: when you highlight part of the graph and select the [ ] to zoom in, you could then show the min/max just in that zoomed in part. If there’s some other way to get detailed values for heart/spo2 and I’ve missed it let me know.


Just upload to Sleep Cloud and then view on the web. If you have a stylus or digitizer pen, you can get most if not all of your heart rate numbers. Although my monitor sends data continuously, I get numbers for every few minutes on the graph, usually when there is only a slight change up or down.

You cannot get all those numbers from within the app, but they are recorded and you can see the numbers in Sleep Cloud.

Just upload and view on web.

This is important information for people who may have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia, or “POTS” for short. You can see the HR jump very high (over 100 bpm) when you rise or when you are standingnbefore laying down, and then quickly drop when you lay down. Doesn’t make for a diagnosis, of course, but if the changes are extreme, it’s a good idea to check it out. Again, this data is visible in Sleep Cloud, not in the app. But the app has the data and uploads to Sleep Cloud.

It’s easier with a stylus or a digitizer pen.

As for SpO2, I haven’t tracked it, so you’ll have to check sleep cloud for that.

The data is recorded.


Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn’t looked into their SleepCloud integration/service. It definitely gives you some better analysis capability of the data, but I dislike that I have to share my health data with them, anonymized or not, a lot people would want to keep their privacy I imagine. Either way I think adding this feature into the SAA app graph for a quick instant view the next morning without having to go through other hoops, is still a worthwhile feature.


I agree. I would like to see all my numbers because I use an armband that gives continuous readings of HR. But I also like Sleep Cloud. As for privacy on the Internet? That’s been gone a long time ago.