Sleep duration changes after confirmation

When I turn off my alarm and press the checkmark the sleep duration changes. Is it supposed to do that and if so why? I use a wear OS watch to track my sleep.

For example today the app said the duration was 7:33 before pressing the checkmark and 6:28 after.

the app added more HR related periods on the graph. And since awake periods are not counted as sleeping, they are subtract from Sleep duration.
Are those awake periods on your graph false positive?
You can adjust the awake sensitivity in Settings → Sleep tracking → Awake detection - completely disable it for HR, or try lower settings.

Okay, thanks! I will check out the sensitivity settings.

You are welcome :slight_smile:
If you encounter strange behaviour, or unexpected results, you can also send us the application log (Left ☰ menu > Report a bug) - the log will provide us more details for better debugging and help.