Sleep cycle

From Jarek on 2015/12/08 23:51:54 +0000

The app should guess the time to me to sleep one phase not by checking when I was moving very strongly (it’s tricky), but it should have the optimal sleep pattern build in (something thatcan be found on Google Graphics) and try to match my sleep as close to it as it’s possible. When the app “sees” the cyclic movement it should know that there my phase has ended, what’s the time of my one phase and where the next phase should end (so it’s gonna make intelligent alarm work more accurately). It’s something like “oh, he moved 1 hour and 30 minutes after he went into REM sleep and after 3 hours he did it again. He wanted to sleep 6 hours, so after three hours I should wait for the smallest move from him and start to wake him”. Levels of stages should be calculated also from that, not from the strenght of my moves. It should only mark the move, and after matching the pattern it will be able to define my sleep stage, the strenght of my moves is the really second info.

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