Sleep Cloud Data Encryption

Can Sleep Cloud data be encrypted so only I can read it to guarantee privacy?

I’m not the expert on SleepCloud on our team, so let me flag @petr-urbandroid here.
But I think we’d need to know more about the background of your inquiry - as it currently stands, no one apart from Urbandroid Team is able to get to the data. And everything on the SleepCloud is anonymized, so even though we can read all of the data, we have no way to connect it to any specific user.

The way this works is that your Sleepcloud data are identified by a secret token that has been generated for you by Google.
We also hash this token in the database so even Google, who theoretically is the only entity able to connect the data to you, would not be able to do so.

So technically, the only entity able to connect the SleepCloud data to you is you.

My question is, to what end to you want to encrypt the data? I see a few possibilities.

  • So that no one can connect the data to you in case of a security breach
  • So that we as Urbandroid team cannot connect the data to you
  • So that we as Urbandroid Team cannot read the data at all
  • So that someone at Google cannot read the data, and perhaps connect them to you

This is helpful. An explanation like this should be in a privacy guide. Other considerations is the privacy of data with all the connected services available. I think Tasker is only local, but I could be wrong. Also, anything which could call SleepAsAndroid like GoogleNow should be considered in a guide which in that case could explain it’s up to Google to protect GoogleNow privacy.