Sleep as android sucking down battery life

Does anyone know how to solve the problem of this app making my battery drain so fast I’m using a pixel 6 phone and I’ve notice this app is looking like it’s been abandoned the other sleep apps on the Google play store are way ahead of this app in terms of updates and new features is this app now someone’s side project to earn extra cash also HAPPY ELECTRONICS is not a professional company I suggest to stay away from this company also there sleep tracking bedside lamp is a scam it’s worst than you could ever think to imagine the cheap materials and the price they charge for this plastic garbage is a disgrace now I know why they took it down from Amazon honestly do not waste more than £5 on this sleep lamp because it’s a scam this comes no where close to the competition on the market if the owners of this app are tied to happy electronics I would urge caution about using this app can anyone tell me if this app is owned by happy electronics please so I can delete the app if it is

Hello Gary,
the average consumption of real-time tracking is about 1-3% per hour. What battery consumption do you see on your phone?
Or are you using sonar as your tracking sensor?
Is Sleep app the only app running?
What consumption do you see in the stats?

Why do you think the app has been abandoned? We update the app almost every month, adding new features constantly.
The BETA testing channel is updated about twice a week, so if you are not happy with the updates once per month, you can join BETA.
The last BETA was released yesterday (

Which features do you miss in the app, that other Play Store sleep tracking apps have? Could you please give us more details? You can write here, add them to the Feature request section on the forum, or contact

Sleep as Android app is NOT owned by Happy Electronics, it is an Urbandroid team app, that is compatible with many devices, including a few by Happy Electronics (Phaser and oximeter).