Sleep as android as is gone in playstore for me


I recently bought the app sleep as android. But today i noticed that,that specific app is gone from the playstore, i cant even find it as installed in the playstore app on the phone, althought i can still use the app on my phone.

But i also noticed that the app auther has rereleased the app as “sleep as android Unlocked”. But this one i have to buy to download.

How can this kind of stuff be allowed to happen. Now i cant install the app that i already payed money for if i ever need to reinstall the app.

Edit, got an email from their support. This was a bug and has been resolved, its now back in the playstore

Hello @Leone, thank you for posting here and also thank you for the edit.

Just to clarify, for anyone who might come across the post:
Sleep as Android has been removed from the Play Store without warning for a short period of time due to a minor violation of Google Ads placement policy.

Sleep as Android Unlock - the separate mentioned app - has been on Play Store for a long time and it’s just a licence app that unlocks the original Sleep as Android (i.e. it’s not a paid re-release).

If anyone ever has any issue with getting their Sleep as Android unlock recognized properly, please let us know at or here on the forum and we’ll resolve that promptly.