Sleep app does not stop on watch

The new version Sleep app does not stop tracking on my Venu.
It took me a while to discover that I need to long-press the menu button, bottom right, 2(!) times before the control functions are displayed.
But the pause and especially the Stop Tracking fields do nothing else than locking the app on my watch again.
Seems development expected this behaviour as they added a third option to kill the app. That one actually does work.
Next I reach over for my mobile, turn it on and tell the Sleep app to stop recording.

The excessive battery drain is now fixed!
I now have a ~3% drain per hour. I find that reasonable I guess.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, there’s a long standing issue with the Garmin’s bluetooth comm stack that it often gets into a broken state and then fails to deliver any messages across. This usually doesn’t cause issues with delivering data from watch to phone, but can break alarms and stopping the app, where a command or response from the phone is needed.

Unfortunately the issue seems to be ignored by Garmin (for more than 3 years).

You’re probably right. I also noted during the day random BT drops and reconnects, but these are short. And kind of fact of life for Garmin?

Maybe you could design your watch app to use asynchronous comms?
It only has to send over hart rate, breathing rate, movements, oxygen levels (wouldn’t that be great?) that are collected by the watch already, during sleep. It could get these stats every (half) hour and then send the whole summary to the phone app. If connection unsuccessful, retry every 10/15 mins.
When user commands the watch app to stop, it should again send the last summary to the phone? Or possibly the whole Garmin sleep log of the night, if accessible of course.
That would also greatly reduce the energy used per hour I would think. It is now about 2.5 - 3% per hour.

Would it otherwise be possible to import these values into Sleep app, ie. by csv file, or connect into Garmin cloud? By hand?

My 2 cents.

Now that we have the new version that supports displaying SpO2 and also HRV I notice that I still keep getting broken heart rate logging!
Maybe I get only one hours worth of the red heart rate line, but the HRV line is always displaying different data over my full sleep period.
Why is the heart rate still such a problem?

Garmin Venu, recently on 5.60.