Sleep apnea? Where to ask for help?

I am unable to determine where a user can ask for help. The forums don’t allow a new conversation, there’s no contact info for developers. Entire app is a disappointment because i have no avenue to ask basic questions. I followed the link in the app to the sleep apnea site on sleep solutions but it had no info at all. Just a photo and huge price. Didn’t explain components, how it works. Then tried to take self assessment and it just keeps circling, no result. Site itself has a contact box but just asks name and email-no place to describe issue. This whole things sounded good but complete lack of user support or any way to even ask questions makes it worthless

Hello, you can contact support at, or directly from the app (Left ≡ menu → Support → Contact support).
This option opens your email client, so you can send us your email. You can write details or questions into the body of the email. The email address to our support is filled in.
Our contact used to be also available on Play Store directly, but after the new PS update, they do not show direct contacts anymore (probably for privacy concerns?).

The forum for registered users allows you to create a new conversation - you can either choose the topic or create a new one with the (+) button at the bottom of the page.

The Sleep apnea site from the app does not have a price anywhere (, so I am not sure which site you mean. Could you please write more details? We can remove the note about the price, but there should not be any price mention on the whole documentation. The only place where we have the price displayed is Play Store page for the app.

The page related to breath rate detection explains all options in the app related to breath rate (, this is the page, where the app takes you, if you tap on (Read more) button in the app. It explains what apnea is, how the app determines the respiratory events, and how it is displayed on the graph.

If you have more question, you can contact is from the app, or at

I was checking our documentation again to be sure we do not show price for our app, and the only thing I found with a price is the price for the Home Kit on the web of SleepMaster Solutions. Did you mean their page at ? This is their web and we have no control over the content there, so sadly, I cannot take the price away directly. I can ask them, if they are willing to get it smaller (or under a sub-menu), but I guess they want you to know what is the price at first sight.

All the guides how to work with the kit are included in the package you will receive. The data from the test are evaluated by certified specialists - they will tell you how your data looks like, and what to do in case the apnea is confirmed. You can consult with the specialist about the need for a CPAP, or BIPAP machines, or other solution.
All the results are also sent over an email, so you have all the information in case you would need to see another doctor or specialist.
The test measures PAT signal, heart rate, oximetry, actigraphy, body position, snoring and chest motion.

The contact box on the web is only for entering your contact - they will then reach to you. The name box is optional, you do not have to write your name there.
Their contact is, or you can contact them at 844-483-5541.