Sleep API and Sleep as Android


I just read about the new Sleep API built into Play Services (article here, source here). Not sure if Urbandroid is actively involved in it’s development, but congrats!

I know it’s probably still early to assume, but I was just wondering what could the new API mean for the future of SaA, as far as improvements and new features are concerned. My guess from what I’ve read is it will make it way easier to track sleep more accurate without draining the phone’s battery. Which is kinda exciting for me, since the current auto tracking cannot keep up with my Non-24 (sleep schedule being all over the place) and other implementations which can accurately track sleep onset lack severly in the data they provide compared to SaA.

Do we know when this API will be available for us end-users?


I’m BUMPING :facepunch: this post because I too am interested in all of the news on this particular topic. I hear that the new API makes it more user friendly for developers and would love to hear #TeamUrbandroid opinions on this as well


Well, it seems it does wonders in automatic sleep tracking. I recently installed the beta channel, and last night decided to test it.

Bit of background, I have Non-24, so my sleep schedule is all messed up. I also often forget to “help” SaA keep up by manually starting tracking, so automatic detection never worked accurately for me. That’s because my sleep shifts forward by >2-4 hours daily.

I enabled automatic tracking around noon. By midnight it hadn’t commenced as it previously did (it used to give me “false positives” especially between 10-12pm) which was a good sign. I went to bed around 2:30-03:00, did not manually start tracking on purpose.

Now, what happened in the previous days was this: Even if I went to bed at 3am, SaA would automatically start tracking around 6-7am. Apparently due to the fact that last week almost all my manual tracking commenced at that time. But last night it started at 4am. If it keeps up, that’s already a huge improvement.

Again, I’m not complaining. With my schedule, no app would be able to keep up. But apparently SaA does! If I see that kind of improvement on my botched up circadian rhythms, I can only imagine the effect on “normal” sleepers will be much better.