"Sleep 8 hours" and pause existing overlapping alarms


I have an alarm at 6:00 in the morning, which I generally use.

Sometimes, though, I go to sleep somewhat late and I use the “Sleep 8 hours” shortcut. For example, I go to sleep at midnight, hoping to wake up around 8:00.

The issue, of course, is that, if I forgot to disable the 6:00 alarm, it will ring at 6:00…

My question is whether it is possible to only have one active alarm? As soon as “Sleep 8 hours” is selected, existing overlapping alarms are automatically paused?


@avinash Personally I don’t use the “sleep for XX hours” feature, but it is possible to have overlapping alarms in Sleep as Android.

I often do this when I want to ensure I will get up at a certain time. I’ll even put alarms on 2 devices or in 2 different apps ;).