Skip Next Alarm Feature Not Working

Detailed description of the problem:
For some reason, alarms that I’ve chosen to skip, still appear.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open an alarm set to repeat.
  2. Select “Skip Next”.
  3. Wait for it to go off anyway.

Version of Sleep as Android:
I’m running version 20190719 however, this issue was present in the previous build too.

Thank you for your assistance with this issue. On days when I have to get up much earlier than normal, this is becoming quite the problem.

Hello, could you please reproduce the issue and send me you log right away?
Report a bug from Left menu
Many thanks.

Ok, I was just able to reproduce it this morning and I’ve sent the bug report.

I’m in the beta program, currently using version 20190724.

I’ve skipped alarms several times in order to set a later one (or none at all) and I’ve had no issues with this feature…