Silence watch vibration during captcha

Problem: Watch keeps vibrating (aggressively) while I am doing CAPTCHA.
Proposal: Have the option disable wearable vibration during CAPTCHA.

Hi, I use my watch as my primary alarm and my phone as a backup alarm. I did this by:

  • disabling phone vibration
  • having wearable vibrate from start
  • delaying phone alarm start by 1min

Then I dismiss the alarm on my watch. Since I keep my phone separate from my bed, I have to get out of bed to go solve the CAPTCHA, which helps me wake up.

What my only option is:

  • alarm is silent in CAPTCHA

So currently, my watch keeps vibrating as I’m trying to solve the CAPTCHA. This is the aforementioned problem.

What options I’d like to have:

  • phone alarm is silent
  • phone vibration disabled
  • wearable vibration disabled

Then I’d be able to make them all silent as I want to. Documentation states alarm will start again after 1 minute of being on the CAPTCHA screen. As a bonus, it’d be nice to configure this duration.

Hello @Seth,
this is currently not possible - to stop the wearable vibrations, we would risk the alarm won’t launch back if you stop solving the CAPTCHA.

On the phone, we can silence the vibrations, without similar risk. If you stop solving CAPTCHA (you fall asleep again), we can renew the alarm.
But on the wearable, pausing the vibrations would effectively act as an infinite snooze, and if you stopped solving the captcha, the vibrations on the wearable wouldn’t be able to resume.

We haven’t found any logical way to solve this yet. I am sorry.

The alarm resumes back if you won’t interact with the CAPTCHA task for 1 minute. This does not mean you have only one minute to solve it - each time you interact with the CAPTCHA, the timer resets.
This timer serves as insurance that you did not fall asleep while counting the sheep on the screen :slight_smile: (or while doing other CAPTCHA tasks).

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Wow appreciate the fast response and clear answer! :grin: Unfortunate to hear that though.

Hm… maybe the vibrations can be silenced rather than snoozed? With Tasker, maybe a workaround is possible by binding the dismiss alarm event to changing some setting on the watch - do you know if this is possible?

To me, an “infinite snooze” is fine, since phone alarm is my real backup. Understandable that if the feature was added, there’d have to be a clear warning to users.

(didn’t expect to get an answer so fast btw! love y’all & the app!)

Yes, I am really sorry I have fast, but not good reply…
Since CAPTCHA is used to protect the alarms from oversleeping (and to protect the alarm from any attempts to avoid getting up), we must keep the alarm on the wearable reliable.
If you forget the phone in another room, you would end up without any alarm. And I bet users would “accidentally” forget the phone, or keep the phone alarm silenced. The users, who need the CAPTCHA the most, have surprisingly inventive minds, when it comes to avoiding CAPTCHA.