Show the spread of data by adding error bars for standard deviation or plotting points individually

From Adam on 2014/10/17 06:56:29 +0000

This would be an advanced, but extremely useful feature. Visually comparing data groups such as tags on current bar graphs can give misleading conclusions, as the spread of data might be much more than would produce a statistically significant difference. This could be indicated by showing error bars with standard deviation. There is also no information on the graphs about how many members being to each group - obviously a tag with n=1 cannot be used in a meaningful statistical comparison.

An alternative approach would be to plot the data as individual points, which would make both the size and spread of each group easily visible. Of course neither approach would allow definitive statistical comparisons such as a t-test (they would need to be done from the numbers), but richer information about the data could easily be added to the graphs.

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From Anonymous on 2016/08/04 16:17:52 +0000

Definitely +1 for the plotting points individually, the hear rate display is pretty much useless, you do not know what points are real and what is interpolated.