Show/separate deep sleep and REM times

I’m new here trying out SaA with Notify for MiBand and I’m wondering if it’s possible to see separately deep sleep time and REM time (like it shows in the MiBand apps). I couldn’t find any setting for that, it seems that both are jumbled under Deep sleep?

Hello, REM sleep is shown as a part of light sleep (not deep sleep).
We do not show the exact numbers of REM separately, because REM is only an estimation. Without access to EEG data, you cannot measure REM. Some other apps may boldly show REM percentage, but we do not want to deceive users, that the REM estimation works the same way as other sleep phases.
We explain this in our blog post here:
It explains our approach, and how our algorithms for sleep estimation were designed.

Ok, but then the results I get from the band and from SaA are totally different.
Here’s a comparison

Deep sleep 46% vs 19%

We don’t know, which algorithms are they using, or which parts they map as deep sleep.
Sleep phases are N1, N2, N3, and REM. If they use a different approach than we do, the numbers may be different (our approach is fully explained in the article). It is much better to evaluate your long-term progress in each app, rather than comparing one night across all apps.