Show more Spotify playlists

From Alec Sears on 2016/11/02 06:04:17 +0000

The playlists selection only shows a handful of playlists from Spotify, but I have many playlists. I could work around this by renaming my playlist to show at the top alphabetically, but it should show more playlists, either in an exclusive list or by expanding the current one.

Copied from original feature request:

From Asd on 2017/05/31 12:28:04 +0000

Yeah, it would be cool if Sleep as Android do that thing. I have many playlists, so if I could add them with URL would be best solution.

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Recently, I transferred all my music playlists from Apple to Spotify with musconvtool.

BUMP! Are there any plans from the developers to implement this request?

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Hello @Julian_Ruiz_Burgos how many playlists do you see at the moment and how many would you like to see?

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I have many. Is there a numerical limit? The ordering doesn’t seem to be alphabetical, or based on recently played, created or anything like that. If we knew, we could create & name playlists appropriately to manipulate the list that gets loaded.
I guess, if needs be, I’d be happy going into a new pane to select a spotify album, track, playlist or ifttt/tasker command rather than having to have a collapsable section inline, if that’s the limiting factor here.