Show current time on Watch Sleep screen

I really like your app and accompanying watch app on my Samsung Galaxy watch.
When I start the Sleep app on the watch and when it wakes me, I can not see the current time.

Can you add that to the watch screen? This is especially important when the alarm goes off and I look at my watch to snooze or wake up. No time is shown, and I would snooze if it was an earlier smart alarm vs the true alarm time.


Many thanks for reporting I though time is displayed in those situations…

@jiri-urbandroid do you know something about this?

I was just about to post about this and saw this (smart function with similar stuff in the forum!) …

I have a Galaxy Watch Active and were quite perplexed to discover that no time is shown either when tracking or when alarm goes off!

Screenshots can be provided if need be.

Hey guys, thanks for posting about this. I also wasn’t aware of this oversight. I’ll add it to my TODO.

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The update is currently under review by Samsung and should be available soon.

That is great. Thank you for listening and responding so quickly. Looking forward to seeing this in action.

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Well it was kinda embarassing revelation to us that we don’t show time on an alarm. I think back then the logic regarding no time on the sleep tracking screen was that Tizen is a multitasking environment so you can quickly jump to your watchface and sleep tracking will be still running in the background.
But on the alarm screen time really has its place :wink:

Just to be clear, I’ve now added the time to both tracking and alarm screens.



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It’s live!

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I updated yesterday just before bed.

When I started tracking, the watch got a bit warm after a while.
It also became very sluggish and the battery had drained 20% in an hour!

It seems that something got buggered :frowning:

@Folxam on to fixing it. Sorry!

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Submitted a fix for Samsung review process. Hope for it to be faster this time.

If one was able to wish:

I am used to using the Pebble Steel, where the current time was displayed rather large and also you had the smaller set alarm time in the bottom.

I find the current time to be a tad small on the Galaxy … could it be bigger, or even configurable?

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I am really happy with Urbandroid’s response to this request! Thank you!

I agree with Folxam, about the time shown is rather small - I can’t read it without my glasses.

As I am looking at it without my glasses and in the dark, an analog view (hour & minute hands) of the time with a red minute hand indicator for the alarm time may be more readable than a digital version for those of us with poor unaided eye site.