Show clear that sleep is tracking and make it more easy to stop it

It is hard to find out if sleep is currently tracking or not. Normally there is a special screen showing that sleep is tracking. But the absence of this indicator doesn’t mean that there is no tracking. Often sleep is still tracking when this special screen is not showing. Then I think tracking was stopped but it is still tracking. Often tracking even prolongates after explicitly stopping it. This will destroy statistics, it needs to be corrected manually later. And this happens to often in the last time, several times per month.

I found the only way to know if sleep tracking is on or not is the presence of a notification in the notifications tray. And the only way to real stop tracking is to use this notification, it can be pressed to stop tracking and then the notification disappear.

But this notification is often hard to find. It’s priority is not very high and it is on any low place in the notifications. And if tracking is off it is missing.

Can you by default assign a higher priority to the notification to make it appear more at the beginning of the list?

Can you implement in the app a clear indicator showing the app is tracking or not? Why not to use the existing button which can be used to start tracking to show if it is currently tracking and to stop tracking?