Show affirmation or message when wakeup

Show a short message when wake up. The purpose is to help you think your first thought.
It could be as simple as “Don’t forget take out the trashes this morning.”
or affirmation “Pay attention to your dreams now; you are choosing the seeds that will grow to next year’s harvest.” for a period, or just “Change socks” or “Call John”
Short message for what you forgot to do when go to bed and you must remember at morning or a long term of affirmation for a period.
It could be when you turn off the alarm, or afterwards.
Best is showing it before you press snooze button.
It could be some buttons for repeat, delete or change for the message.

Hello, @DagSa, what about using the alarm label for that? The alarm label is shown on the alarm screen when alarm starts…

Where could I find the settings?
If it could show a message its good, but then it must be easy to change it when you really need it before fall to sleep.

Hello, I think it is very easy to change… this is where the label in the in the alarm detail screen…

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Thanks for the tips. I didn’t know it.
Your sceendump made it easy to understand where you change the text.
But its not easy enough when change on daily bases.
I will test for a sleep period. The reason for wake up is not only the time.