Shouldn't the heart rate be exported to Google Fit?

Not sure if I have misunderstood the “Sleep as Android–>Knowledge base–>Integration–>Google Fit”, but there it lists “Heart rate import and export” as a feature for Google Fit.

However, although I can see the heart rate in the Sleep app, It is never exported to Google Fit.
Are there additional steps to get this working?


Google Fit is enabled in the settings

Assuming this is not possible I requested it (Heart Rate to Google Fit)

We’re you able to figure this out? It seems that mine did transfer to Google Fit.
I am using a Samsung Gear Fit 2 as my wearable, double checked to make sure the Heart Rate option was checked in the settings (and not both the HR and the Smart HR/Polar option). I noticed if both were selected (didn’t notice it the first night) it won’t even record HR. (The photo is two merged together, I wish it was how Google Fit showed the information though).

Thanks for the tip, Unfortunately it didn’t work.
I did indeed have both the “Heart rate monitoring” and “Bluetooth Smart” checked under the heart rate monitoring options in “Settings --> Wearables” but unchecking “Heart rate monitoring” didn’t change anything for me. I can still see the heart rate throughout the night in the Sleep app, but nothing is synced to Google Fit.
I use a Mio Link HR monitor.