Should tracking delay count towards sleep goal?

I have used Sleep as Android for a few years now. I use delayed tracking and the “not before sleep goal” flag.

Up to some time ago the two features worked “together” - the sleep goal time was counted from the end of the delay, so with a delay of 10 min and a goal of 8h the alarm wouldn’t ring before 8h 10 min from the manual start of the sleep time. From a few versions ago, the delay seems to be ignored - the alarm will sound after 8h which ends up in me sleeping less than 8h effectively. The stats still consider the delay though - so when the alarm sounds after 8h they will show 7h 50 min of sleep and a debt of 10 min.

Is this an intended change, or a bug? If it’s intended, why did this change? My preference would be for the previous behavior.