Shared bed Sleep Tracking feature

From Mario Staykov on 2018/02/15 12:37:14 +0000

I’ve been struggling to successfully use Sleep as Android since starting to share a bed. After researching what possible solutions there are, I found one of the Sleep as Android’s main competitors has a feature for two phones connecting to each other over WiFi and sharing data, allowing Sleep Tracking to work better for two people.

The Sleep as Android FAQ only suggests using separate mattresses, using it as usual for it “could work”, or an external device.
For now I will give the Sonar method a further try (I’m surprised it’s not mentioned there, surely it works better for this?), but a feature like this sounds invaluable for many people, and I suppose could make the difference between product choices for some.

I realize that’s a difficult feature to implement, but have you considered it at all as a way to solve shared bed tracking?

Copied from original feature request: