Setting to manually disable sleep tracking

In previous versions, there used to be an option in the app settings to manually disable sleep tracking.

This is useful for days that I sleep past my preset alarm, and do not want to constantly snooze.

Currently sleep tracking stops the moment that you turn off the alarm, and now my sleep duration becomes inaccurate, especially the last few days when I’ve been sick and slept way past my preset.

Would it be possible to add this option back?


That option is still there - tap on a specific alarm, then scroll down to Miscellaneous - Advanced - Terminate tracking

Hi Jiri,

I was looking through the general/default settings and couldn’t find it. I’ll try unticking Terminate tracking for tomorrow’s alarm.

Thanks for pointing this out to me.

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How about just disabling the alarm on those days? You get all the data, but no alarm to bother you. How would you get ‘duration’ if there’s no tracking? Without an alarm, tracking then continues until you awaken and you turn it off. Did I miss something?


I have a shortcut on my home screen that I just need tap once to start tracking, that’s how I get my sleep duration every night.

I have alarms preset for everyday in the week. By default, tracking ends when you stop the alarm.

Yes, I could disable an alarm, if I had the forethought, but in order to disable an alarm, I have to scroll down to find the app, tap on the alarm, then tap skip next. With this setting, I can stop the alarm and the app will continue to track my sleep.

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Hi Jiri,

The setting works as described. Many thanks for your help. You may close this thread.