Set alarm to go off only when sleep tracking is in progress

I started noticing after tracking my sleep for several days in a row that Android stopped setting the alarm to go off when I didn’t remember to track my sleep one specific night. A few days ago I turned it back on accidentally, such that the alarm goes off every day regardless. I was wondering how to get the alarm to only go off when I’m tracking my sleep.

Hello Joshua, the alarm goes off, when it is scheduled, the tracking has no influence.
Do you not need the alarms on some days? You can configure the alarm to go off at basically any pattern (weekly, biweekly, non-weekly - like every x-days…). Or you can skip the alarm when you know you have a day off…

You’re correct that currently the alarm goes off without influence of sleep tracking. At least regarding whether it goes off at all. If it happens to detect motion 20 minutes earlier, it will go off then to get me up at a time where I’m a little more awake. However, before I manually set an alarm, it would be turned off by default unless I had any reason to track my sleep, which I pretty much never did. I could specify to skip the alarm, but that would mean I would have to do that every night I don’t need it. My schedule as far as I know does not have regular intervals between when I actually do need an alarm. Do you not know of any instances where the alarm only goes off when sleep tracking is in progress? I’ve experienced it first hand.

This sounds like the app might not be allowed to run in the background or launch from the background.
So if the tracking is running (so the app is already running), the alarm goes off, but if the tracking is not enabled, the app is not running even in the background and will be blocked by the system.
If this is the case, please visit page, and exclude the app from the system restrictions. The app basically runs only in the background all the time, so it must be allowed to do so.
Some phones implemented the “optimizations” to save a little bit of battery, but as a side-effect, it can kill even those processes you wish to keep running.
If this won’t help, please use the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug, ideally right after this happens, and we will check, what is happening there.

This is actually the case which I’m trying to achieve. I’m trying to get the app to be inactive if I don’t make the decision to track my sleep during the night.

If you do not have any alarms created and scheduled, no automatic tracking start enabled, and the sleep estimation disabled, the app is not active.