Sensor calibration for each location

From Sanda on 2016/06/21 07:31:27 +0000

Reason: some matresses are more stiff than others, some places have more background noise than others.

Case: I have memory foam bad at home and the app was telling me that my %deep sleep is very high. The background noise is very low and the sound recordings are very accurate.
I came to the seaside and I have a spring mattress so the charts look like I’m drinking coffee all day! The sleep is almost the same. Here the background noise is high, avg 50db and noticed that half of my snorring is not tagged anymore.

Dev ideas:

  1. put the phone in the bad as normally do, lay down- get up; make one turn-stay still 2 seconds-turn back; cover yourself-uncover. Let the phone 5 seconds to record the noise, store the avg db
  2. in case first is too difficult, add a field for accelerometer to specify the mattress type: springs (least stiff), simple foam (stiffer), memory foam (stiffest); and a field to input the db (can be measured with Sound Meter)

These values would be used to adjust the readings to make them comparable.

I can send you my records if you need.

Copied from original feature request:

From Jake King on 2016/08/26 19:33:40 +0000

Yes, this would be helpful. I have a fancy mattress. One of the online foam kind. Precision calibration is always good.