Send SpO2 data intent

Hello everyone,

Sleep as Android gives API that allows to provide to the application the Heart Rate data from external source (smartwatch, smartband or some medical sensor):


Nowadays for some quite long time smart wearables allows to read from our bodies much more information than HR. Very valuable one is the SpO2. Reading such information during sleep from smartband instead of uncomfortable medical device might be very precious convenience.

The question is:
Do you provide the API for SpO2 data update?
If no then: Do you plan to add such feature to your API?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hi Pawel,

it is already possible to send this to Sleep as Android, using intent:


with Int extra:


The app expects the current SPO2 value and it should be send every second.
I’m going to add this to the documentation:

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That’s great. Thanks!

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