Selecting a Device for Sleep Tracking

I have two wearable devices that I use depending on the day/night, both of which are capable of tracking my sleep with Sleep as Android. I’m really not sure of any way to tell the app which one to use though, since I can just enable or disable wearables but don’t seem to be able to set a prefered device or select a device when I start tracking.

The devices are I have are Mi Band 2 using Tools & Mi Band app integration, works great. The other is my Android Wear OS watch, the huawei watch. Also works great. Sometimes though the battery is dead, or I’ve just been wearing my Mi Band 2 all day and wear it to bed, or just want something smaller and lightweight since it is more comfortable.

So is there any way to know which device Sleep as Android is using for sleep tracking? Does it use both? How can I use two compatible devices alternatively and have accurate sleep tracking?

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