Select multiple dates for the same alarm


after many years of using the app it is still the best :slight_smile:

But it is still missing a key feature that I & many other ppl have been requesting for years now.

Pretty simple… create an alarm and set it to repeat on multiple random selected days of the month.

Sometimes words are hard to understand… here are some modified screenshots…

So we create an alarm and select it to repeat on multiple days…

and then you select multiple random days of the month

This would be the best for people who get their work schedule once a month in advance to set like 2 or 3 alarms and be done.

Again to understand better… here is an example of my work schedule… When I work the day shift I have to wake up at 5:00 in the moring and when I have no work I can sleep untill 9:00 and when I work the night shift I sleep untill 14:00… so preaty much 3 different alarms which I would select the dates once a month and be done.

Fingers crossed it gets added some day :slight_smile:

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