Screen off during alarm

I have problem with screen turning off since last update (20190313).
When alarm starts playing, screen doesn’t turn on. Or sometimes it does turn on but then off after couple of seconds. I have to find my phone (in darkness!) and manually turn it on using power button before I’m able to snooze or cancel alarm.
Sometimes screen stays on though, I don’t know when. I snoozed my alarm 3 times today, first time screen stayed off (probably, I was sleeping before), second time it stayed on as expected, third time it turned off after 3-5 seconds.

My phone is Huawei (I know…) Honor View 10 with emui/android 8.0. All power and battery optimisations are turned off for Sleep as Android. And I didn’t have this problem with older version (with older alarm screen layout)

I generated report here:!AlF2VKV4LzyIo2zKQmF4PVazYy5X
Activity file contains “1546467225520,11.348354,0.0,0,0”

Hello Jen,

we do not have this reported and I cannot reproduce this. So this is probably some device specific issue or regression in the latest Android update?

We flag the alarm screen to keep screen on and supress lock screen. On some OEMs you need to grant the app special permission to be able to supress the lock screen…

What is your phone and Android version?

As I wrote, I have Honor View 10 with Android 8.0 and all battery optimisation for Sleep as Android disabled - the three checkboxes in “app settings” for automatic start, secondary start and background running are all checked to manually enabled and then there is also “special access-ignore battery optimizations” menu where Sleep as Android is “enabled” to ignore optimisations too. (I don’t know exact english translations, in czech these settings are “automatické spuštění, sekundární spuštění, spustit na pozadí” and “speciální přístup - ignorovat optimalizace baterie”)

It worked without problems until last update. System was last updated in November, I think.
Or is there any settings to keep screen on?

I looked to the log I attached and I can even see screen turning off there.
D[01dub 05:49:01.302, main]: AlarmKlaxon: screen on //alarm starts
D[01dub 05:49:11.625, main]: AlarmKlaxon: screen off //screen turns off by itself
D[01dub 05:49:19.921, main]: AlarmKlaxon: screen on //I turned screen manually on
I[01dub 05:49:21.694, main]: AlarmAlertFullScreen: Snooze button clicked //and tapped snooze

This seems like a typical 10s timeout when device turns on with a lock screen on… So it seems the device is ignoring out KEEP_SCREEN_ON flag…hard to say what we could do about this… normally this is not the case I guess if you test this on any non-Huawei device around you will see screen is keeping on…