Scam !

I buy a mask 125€!! on the web site end of April. We are begin of August and I still haven’t received the product. This product is recommended by Sleep as Droid but it is a Scam.
Beware and please stop the link to this tcheck “company”


Hello, thank you for your feedback and sorry for the troubles.
Under which name did you purchase the mask? Please contact, and give us more details - we will ask Happy Electronics company, what has happened to your order.
Was your order confirmed? And did you get the tracking number?
Thank you.

There have been SEVERAL reports of that company scamming people, in the comments under articles recommending their devices. Customers contacting them over and over with no reply, months going by with no updated status beyond “Payment received,” etc. This is more than a one-time event. :confused:

Hello, big sorry about that impression… we are keeping an eye on this and at the moment I do not know about any customers who’s issues would not be resolved to their satisfaction. Happy Electronics did ship thousands of devices - masks, oximeters, Sleep Phasers in the last years and the number of negative feedback is really minimal…

Please note that international shipping is a big issue nowadays in the covid times it may work smoothly between a pair countries but be completely blocked for another pair. So please be patient about the deliveries. I did now specifically asked Happy electronics about your case and I’m waiting for their reply and will update with more details…

Hello, we apologize for this situation. As we wrote on July 17, we filed a complaint with the Czech Post and within a week or two we can send the shipment again. Unfortunately, on July 23, I went on vacation and my representative colleague ended up at home with the flu. Tests have confirmed that it is not COVID-19. Unfortunately, no one managed to process emails. Therefore, we did not respond to your new requests. We are resolving the situation at the post office this week and we can send the packages again.