Samsung S10e + Garmin Fenix 5 Plus stop communicating during the night

Detailed description of the problem:
On average 6 nights a week, the communication between the watch and the app fails. This of course impacts smart alarms which I really really miss.

Steps to reproduce:
Unknown, random events

Version of Sleep as Android:
Premium version 20210616 (22433)
Sleep Garmin
Sleep tracking from watch version 20201106
Watch / Phaser Starter for Sleep as Android version 1.0
Garmin Fenix 5 Plus with Sleep as Android app version 20210607

Problems have started in November 2020 (once a week on average)
Have gotten worse in February 2021 (5 - 6 times a week)

I have contacted support 3 times, first two times I was left aside for lack of time. Contacted them again today, have received a first answer.

I have checked all the battery optimization settings for my Samsung S10e with Android 11. Whitelisted all Sleep as Android app, bluetooth, … I’ve verified it 4 times already and except not everything is listed in FAQ or Documentation, I’m positive I’ve done everything necessary.

If you have any idea of what it could be, or need any further information, please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Hi and thanks for your report.

There is a large bug in the Garmin communication API, when the Garmin Connect Mobile app clogs up the communication between our app and the watch.
At the point where the miscommunication happens (ie. the communication starts happening only one-way), a message from the Garmin SDK starts popping up in the logs, saying “FAILURE_DURING_TRANSFER” and I’ve traced it down to a bug in the Garmin SDK, which has been confirmed by the Garmin developers. I’ve reported it here but it’s been almost five years during which they repeatedly confirmed it and said they’re looking into it, but didn’t fix it.
We’ve done every possible and impossible workaround we could think of to mitigate effects of this bug, but it still seems to show up time to time.

In that case, we’ve found out that force stopping and then starting the Garmin Connect Mobile app will refresh the comm queue and then it should work normally.
So that’s what I would recommend currently as a (slightly cumbersome) workaround. Force stop and restart the Garmin Connect Mobile app before sleep tracking.


Ant there I was focusing my attention on my Samsung device!

Thanks for the explanation! I will start doing so.

Is there anything I can do to support your bug report to give it weight?

Thanks again

I’ve upvoted the ticket at the Garmin forum

@Donald_R_Lhoest big thanks… very much appreciated…

Follow up: I’ve tried the workaround to no avail, I could not see any improvement doing so.
I’m also reaching out to Garmin to see what they could do.

Thanks :wink:

Got an answer from Garmin, while I assumed they would try to pass the blame to Urbandroid, they do make a point regarding their sleep tracker, what do you think, is that something to investigate or do you have an answer to that?

Hello Donald,

We understand you are having some issues with the sleep with Android 3rd party app installed to your fenix 5 Plus.

My recommendation would be to uninstall the sleep app through Garmin Connect and then reinstall to see if it starts working better for you.

Looking at your Garmin Connect account, the normal sleep tracking that we facilitate looks to be syncing over properly and is not having issues cutting out in the middle of the night.

Based on the issue you were describing, the issue is isolated to the 3rd party app that is installed. Since we did not develop the app, support for issues with 3rd party apps requires the user to reach out to the developer if you are experiencing issues with the intended use and features offered by the app then the developer should be able to go over the issue with you.

Below is a link to our Connect iQ website showing the app download page for “Sleep with Android” and on that page there is a contact developer section where you can explain your issue and the developer should respond in a reasonable amount of time.

Also yes, Android would not support the issue since the app is through our Connect iQ app store and was not developed by and was developed by a content provider called Urbandroid.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope this helps!


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