Samsung Health - Sleep as Android

Allows you to synchronize data between Sleep as Android and Google Fit.

Automatic export of your sleep duration and times and heart rate into Samsung Health.

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Not working import from Samsung Health


Not working import from Samsung Health

Hello guys, can you please use menu - report a bug to give us few more details?

Have been trying on and off for a week but SasA does not sync with Samsung Health. Don’t understand bug report system - I have no log to submit. When I click on Sync on my Samsung A70 phone, nothing shows up in Samsung Health.

Have finally got sync to work with Samsung Health after downloading the latest version, but auto sync does not work on my Samsung Galaxy phone. I have to manually sync. Interesting to see the SaA results displayed differently.

I cant to link my sleep as android to samsung health because there is no “samsung health” point in SaA sevices. “Google calendar” goes right after “google fit” point! Help please.

I just got a Galaxy 3 Watch, and started using Samsung Health, but now I have “overlapping” sleep records: one from Sleep as Android, and the other from the Galaxy Watch.

I want to use the watch and SaA together, but it seems to be creating two separate records. I set up SH as directed in the doc, so I’m thinking there’s something wrong with how I set up the watch. Any suggestions?


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