Samsung gear fit2


From Bobby on 2016/06/28 02:53:54 +0000

I understand the original samsung gear fit is not supported. How about the possibility of adding support for the new gear fit 2? I purchased and rated the app high on content alone without my wearache working… it’d be nice to use that though. Thanks.

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Waiting for gear fit2 compatibility
Better support for Samsung Gear Fit 2

From Anonymous on 2018/01/12 18:50:38 +0000

Any updates on sleep as android and Samsung?


From Duncan on 2017/02/02 23:29:16 +0000

Any further update on Gear Fit 2 support?


From Petr Nálevka on 2016/11/24 08:28:23 +0000


we are having big issues with the Tizen platform. Samusng silently introduced a new doze-mode like feature which broke our app. Now we need to do a complete rewrite to support Tizen and Gear devices for Sleep tracking. We are still in the middle of the release-testing iteration and thus we plan to introduce the new app for Gear Fit 2 and S3 after we are sure the new app is working.


From Anonymous on 2016/11/24 00:01:59 +0000

Support fit2 pls!


From Sascha Glaubauf on 2016/11/19 23:20:26 +0000

Some new informations abput gear fit 2 Support? :slight_smile:


From Petr Nálevka on 2016/09/29 09:09:42 +0000

At the moment we are solving another problem with the Tizen platform in general. So we need to reimplement Gear integration from scratch, so it will take some time, but we would like to target Fit 2 at well when this is ready…

Please see details below:

We are very sorry if you are suffering issues with sleep tracking using your Gear S2 watch. We are aware of the issues and working intensively to resolve them.

The issues are the result of a recent firmware update to the Gear watches, which silently introduced background process freezing (Android doze mode alternative for Tizen). In effect, the sleep tracking is stopping intermittently throughout the night.
We have been trying to find the cause for weeks, and finally it turned out that it was caused by this undocumented new feature of the underlying operation system on the watch.

We have contacted Samsung about the issue, have exchanged a few emails and currently we are waiting if they can provide some pointers to a solution. It seems that they provide means to maintain a background process only to select developers. We may have to rewrite the whole app from Javascript-based to C-based one to solve the issues, but that would take a few weeks unfortunately.


  • please note that in the time being, you can still use sleep tracking using your phone's accelerator sensor.
  • more over in the latest BETA version we introduced contact-less sleep tracking using ultrasound. If you are interested in giving it a try, please opt-in for our latest BETA version here:
  • you can also consider using other smartwatches. At the moment we support Pebble with an incredible battery life. The watch last at least 5 days without charging with sleep tracking every day. Also Android Wear may be a good option too. With devices capable of sensor batching, sleep tracking only consumes ~15%-20% battery per sleep tracking.

Many thanks for your help and big sorry for the issues…


From Monica on 2016/09/29 04:29:39 +0000

I check every day to see if the fit2 has been added to the wearable options. Please please please find a way!


From Anonymous on 2016/09/29 03:43:12 +0000

Heart rate data has now gone dark. No more red lines. Gone. Nothing. Any updates on your progress with Samsung?


From Nomacs on 2016/08/25 23:22:36 +0000

Does not read accelerometer sensors on FIT2. Heart data shows up on the sleep graphs intermittently. I have read all the forum posts regard the difficulties working with Samsung. Very disappointing as I have been a Sleep As Android user for more than 3 years. I have just picked up my new Note 7 and a FIT2 band. I just figured a top tier brand would be compatible with just about every popular software app. Hope u will not give up the efforts to get a working app back in the galaxy store. Is their a contact or forum at Samsung we could direct our feedback?


From Richard on 2016/08/13 20:29:06 +0000

Yes PLZ Gear Fit 2 Support !!!


From Anonymous on 2016/07/04 19:33:14 +0000

I also want support for my gear fit 2!!!


From Bobby on 2016/06/29 02:44:38 +0000

I received your automated response detailing front line fixes and suggestions. Thanks because it was informative. I believe this is the homework you wanted done:
I'm not sure how it differs between all the gear products. People apparently can develop watch faces for the fit2, so I'm guessing that includes all the framework you would need. Maybe it's as simple as allowing the new device type? Maybe it's difficult and I'm the simple one. :slight_smile: thanks.


From Bobby on 2016/06/28 02:55:06 +0000

Wearable. Not wearache. Autocorrect :wink:


From Anonymous on 2016/09/09 00:30:57 +0000

I really would enjoy it if this worked on my gear fit 2. Is this at all going to be possible? Or would I be better off looking for another sleep app? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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From Anonymous on 2016/12/28 03:32:06 +0000

I am waiting for gear fit 2 compatibility…

Copied from original feature request:


From Petr Nálevka on 2017/05/15 10:04:52 +0000

We asked Samsung, after some effort they suggested to fill in some partner form, we did than and till now nobody responded. I'm really sorry, but we have no time to talk to corporates who don't want to listen…


From Eduardo Gabriel Nieva on 2017/05/13 10:26:43 +0000

Hello Petr, how is about the research to become a partner and develop the app for the Samsung gear fit 2? Thanks