Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 integration

Hello I would like to know if you plan to integrate Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 in the supported SmartWatch ? I used to have a Huawei Watch on WearOS it works perfectly but now I cannot use the application any more…


[1] Have you tried installing:

[2] There is however an issue with the integration support for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2:

Uses too much battery, Samsung Health consumes approximately 7% per night. This one 20%. The given explanation is clear. Still a pity of the higher power consumption.

Maybe some developer could give us an update for the sensor batching support on Tizen? The Samsung Health gear app seems to use it, so it should be possible, right?

The website needs to be updated to show the support information on this device.


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Hello, Samsung does not allow 3rd party apps to use sensor batching and thus we need to keep the CPU on all time.
This means that their own app (S Health) can use sensor batching, but no other app including Sleep.

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Thanks, @lenka-urbandroid! That’s great information. I deleted the companion app myself because of this and now I’m unsure what to do. But last night, I kept the Active2 watch AND my phone in bed with me and I woke up to graphs of my heart rate in Sleep As Android and a nice sleep state graph in S Health. Your documentation doesn’t explain what happens if you sleep with both. The two apps sync up, but who “wins” so to speak? Are the two sources correlated, event though I have no companion app on the watch?

And what happens if i do have the companion app on the watch, yet still sleep with both phone and watch in bed?

Could you or anyone clear this up for me so I know what/who to bring to bed with me and who to leave at the charger? :smile:

Hi Bocaliptus, I am considering to use Note 10 plus and SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2. Can you give me feedback and your expirience?