Sale only for in-app unlock

i wanted to take advantage of the sale and buy an upgrade, but the standalone unlock app has been at full price since i noticed the sale

sadly in-app purchases dont work on my phone, so having both options there would be great

Hello, what exactly does it mean the in-app does not work on your phone? Did you get any error on Play Store?
Stand-alone Unlock app has a promo once per month. In-app promo is scheduled for each installation individually (but automatically, we cannot push it via the code) - at the end of the trial period.

in-app purchases dont work on my phone in general, because the phone runs lineage without play services, so i can only download apps i bought
But thank you for clearing that up, i assumed it was a general sale

Even the Unlock apps can be purchased via Play Store. Could you please contact me directly at Thanks.