SAA on the Galaxy Watch Active 2? Edit: Resolved

Perhaps I’m not searching correctly in the Galaxy app store, perhaps I shouldn’t assume compatibility for a brand new smartwatch, but does SAA work with the Galaxy Watch Active 2? I can’t find the app for the watch itself in the Galaxy app store (the companion phone app is installed, though). ‘Sleep as Android’ has no results and ‘sleep’ only shows 3 apps, none of which are Sleep as Android.

As far as I’m aware, it works on the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active so I figured it’d work on the Active 2 as well as it’s not a major update over the Active 1 but perhaps I shouldn’t have assumed.

EDIT: Turns out it won’t show up when you search for it but it will if you just manually browse through apps in the Galaxy app store. Weird, but problem solved!


I can’t seem to find it, I have tired just looking for it without searching and I for the life of me cant find it.

Sorry! At the moment the app has been removed from the Galaxy store by Samsung due to excessive battery drain. We’re working on having it reinstated, ideally with reduced battery drain if we can.

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Thanks for info… hope to see it soon

The app is back on the store - see [NEWS: BACK IN STORE!] Samsung integration pulled from the Galaxy store - official statement

How much improved is the battery usage with the batching?