SAA on the Galaxy Watch Active 2? Edit: Resolved

Perhaps I’m not searching correctly in the Galaxy app store, perhaps I shouldn’t assume compatibility for a brand new smartwatch, but does SAA work with the Galaxy Watch Active 2? I can’t find the app for the watch itself in the Galaxy app store (the companion phone app is installed, though). ‘Sleep as Android’ has no results and ‘sleep’ only shows 3 apps, none of which are Sleep as Android.

As far as I’m aware, it works on the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active so I figured it’d work on the Active 2 as well as it’s not a major update over the Active 1 but perhaps I shouldn’t have assumed.

EDIT: Turns out it won’t show up when you search for it but it will if you just manually browse through apps in the Galaxy app store. Weird, but problem solved!

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