SaA does not recognize full version with two active Google Accounts

Detailed description of the problem:

The problem is quite straightforward: I have two Google accounts active on my device (Samsung Galaxy S6), one for YouTube and one for all other uses. I bought the Pro version of SaA on the latter account. The problem is: SaA does not recognize the fact that I did so, as long as I am still logged in with the first account. The app still displays the Light Version features. Only when I remove the first Google Acc from the device, SaA suddenly switches to the full version. Seems to me the SaA checks for unlocked versions only with the Acc it prioritizes, not with all available ones.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get an Android device
  2. Log your system onto two different Google accounts
  3. Open the app and select the Upgrade option. This will display the payment information of the Google which account the app wants to use for the purchase by default. This is the ‘prioritized’ account.
  4. Close the app and either
    a) go to the Play Store site of SaA and use the account NOT displayed in step 3. to buy the unlocked version
    b) or remove the account displayed in 3. from the device, return into the app and then use the in-app unlock feature with the secondary account
  5. Make sure both accounts are logged in again and open SaA again

==> Despite the fact that you just bought the unlocked version on the secondary account, SaA does not recognize it - presumably, since the app was not bought on the Google account SaA seems to prioritize.

Version of Sleep as Android: